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The Adriatic is mainly dominated by two winds: the cold, dry Bora blowing from north-east, and the warm and humid south wind coming up from south-east. Thus, the possibility of direct two-way shipping has, in ancient times, allowed the development of marine links. Actually, it was the vessels that kept Julius Caesar in communication with his legions at Aquileia, alternately using the spirit of the two winds. The island of Grado was the first seaport of these ancient navigators, who from the island went back through the lagoon and the river Natissa to Aquileia. Grado was already famous and Venice was not born yet.

The rest of the story, that of the patriarchs of Venice, daughter of Grado, of Habsburg, of Central Europe, come and read it here on the spot, in this beautiful island created by the Bora and the Sirocco winds.

A beach in Grado can boast being the only one on the Adriatic shore to face south and then to enjoy a favourable position. Here we combine the deep and varied sea blue, the restful green of vegetation and the resplendent golden sand, having unique beneficial and curative properties.

The beaches of the island, each one more charming than the last, run for several kilometres and are the pride of the whole region: in the past thirteen years, Grado has obtained the prestigious Blue Flag which certifies the quality of water and the cleanness of the beach. Its sandy and flat beaches are ideal for children, there is no danger as it is widely described as a paradise for children.

Grado tourism policy is to offer visitors a site with a neat and motley appearance thanks to his colourful beach umbrellas. Other beaches surrounding the island have access to all amenities and facilities you would expect, from the classic "beach umbrella and deck chair", kiosks and bars, playgrounds, and the Thermal Water Park.